Update Instructions

To update your Juno, you need to follow the two steps – update both Atom packages and Julia packages, each of which constitutes a part of Juno.

1. Update Atom Packages

In this step, you install the latest versions of julia-client and ink packages.

First, close all instances of the Atom application.

And then type the following command into your terminal (e.g. cmd on Windows or the Terminal App on MacOS):

apm update

If that doesn’t work, or if you want to only update Juno-related packages, try the commands below instead:

apm uninstall ink
apm uninstall julia-client
apm install ink
apm install julia-client

To fully update Atom packages, an Atom process that had been started before updating the packages needs to be restarted. This is why we recommend you close all the Atom processes first. If you follow the above step, julia-client and ink will be latest the next time you open Atom .


It is possible that your Antivirus Software prevents certain files to be downloaded or executed that are necessary for Juno to function. Consider disabling antivirus software's real time monitoring for the duration of the installation. For certain scanners (Avast and McAffee) it might also be necessary to exclude


from the real time monitoring after installation. This is an upstream issue which should hopefully be resolved soon.

2. Update Julia Packages

Now you update Julia packages: Atom.jl and Juno.jl.

Start a Julia process outside of Juno, and then execute the following:

pkg> up Atom Juno

If it doesn't work, try to execute below and see what hinders the updates of Atom.jl and Juno.jl in your environment.

pkg> rm Atom Juno
pkg> add Atom@atomjlver
pkg> add Juno@junojlver

where @atomjlver and @junojlver is the versions of Atom.jl and Juno.jl that you're trying to update to, respectively.


It is also possible to update Atom.jl and Juno.jl from Juno's REPL, but in some update cases Juno's REPL itself may be unfunctional because of the incompatibility between (already updated) Atom packages and (not-updated) Julia packages, and so we recommend you update Julia packages outside of Juno.

Also note that when you update Julia packages from Juno's REPL and if the Boot Mode config setting is set to Cycler, you may need to restart Julia process twice to reflect update changes.


The versioning of Atom.jl and Juno.jl doesn't necessarily match. For example, the current latest version of Atom.jl is Atom@0.12.7 while that of Juno.jl is Juno@0.8.0

3. The New Juno is Ready !

Congrat ! Now your Juno has been successfully updated. Let's start Atom, fire up Julia, and enjoy the new Juno !

We usually publish release notes at Julia Discourse; please check there for what new features/improvements/bugfixes are included within a release.


In a case you still face a problem even after following the update instructions here, then please post on Juno.jl GitHub repository or at Julia Discourse under the Tooling ▶ Juno category, and we're happy to help.


When you report a problem, please add the output of Julia Client: Debug Info command or Juno > Debug Information menus entry if possible.